Remote Learning


For students unable to travel or to meet in person, I offer remote learning options available through video chat. These sessions function in the same manner as one-on-one sessions and are equally effective. Through technology I’ve been able to connect with students all around the world to help them achieve their academic success goals.

Technology Requirements:

Sessions are conducted via either Skype or FaceTime, depending on the student’s preference. Students will need either a Skype account or FaceTime Apple ID. The use of a computer webcam is preferable to mobile devices, but accommodations will be made for students who do not have access to a computer.


To Download Skype for a computer:
To Download Skype for mobile:


FaceTime is available on all Apple computers and mobile devices. To learn more about how to use FaceTime, visit these websites:

For mobile:
For Mac:

Language Requirements (for International students):

Sessions will be conducted in English, and will require frequent reading and writing. Students must have spoken fluency and literary proficiency.