Academic Tutoring


I enjoy working with students of all ages to enhance their academic performance through my program in academic tutoring. I enjoy having the opportunity to teach younger students the fundamentals of language and numbers, while sharpening familiar skills in older students. Over the years, my students have been transformed into better readers, writers, and thinkers.

Elementary School Tutoring Program – Students ages 4 to 12
**Lower and Middle Level ISEE Tutoring Available**

Classrooms are crowded. Teachers are stressed.  My customized enrichment instruction focuses on your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses in the early years of education when it matters most. Fill in any missing gaps with customized supplemental instruction in an area of your choosing.

Middle School Tutoring Program – Students ages 12 to 14
**Upper Level ISEE Tutoring Available**

Middle school is an important time in a student’s intellectual development, and lays the groundwork for upcoming high school courses. Get ahead with supplemental instruction to address any problem areas and improve skill within comfortable subjects. For 8th graders applying to high schools, specialized ISEE instruction is also available.

High School Tutoring Program – Students ages 14 to 18
**ACT/SAT and College Admissions Counseling Available**

High school is the culmination of your child’s general education, and their time to shine. With classes getting harder and demands becoming more intense, it can be easy for academic fluency to likewise begin to slip. Prevent any loss in performance with one-on-one instruction in areas of English, Writing, Algebra, Geometry, and Entrance Exam review.

Returning Education
**Graduate School Admissions Counseling Available**

Designed for older students who have been away from traditional school, my Returning Education program helps to bring you up to speed quickly. We’ll review the parameters of your coursework and projects and develop a plan of study that will return you to full confidence. Learn more about the Returning Education program here.