Frequently Asked Questions

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions take place at locations that are mutually convenient. I’m usually able to accommodate students who live in West Los Angeles with a home visit. Otherwise, sessions take place at central locations such as coffee shops, libraries, college campuses or via online.

How long do sessions last?

Typically between 1 hour and 90 minutes. This is an optimal length of time for productive conversation and learning, and is not too taxing for the student.

What are the prices? 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss rates and program needs.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you’re not able to keep your session, please let me know as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours in advance.

Should my student take the ACT or the SAT?

That’s the question, isn’t it? There is no particular advantage for choosing one test over another – colleges view each test equally. However, there are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best test for your student. Read my article to learn more.

Do you assist with non-undergraduate admissions such as private K-12 schools or post-graduate education?

Yes I do. Take a look at my Admissions Services page for more information.

Do you write admissions essays for students?

I do not. Instead, I work closely with students to determine which of their own personal stories will make for compelling essay subject matter. I then help students to craft those discoveries into unique, authentic expressions of who they are.

I strongly advise against using ghostwriting services. Students find the process more fulfilling when they are able to write their own essays and craft their own statements. Admissions officials are likewise able to determine the difference between an authentic, student-written essay and a professional, adult-written essay.

Which program is best for my student?

All courses are customized for individual needs. The best way to figure out which program is best is to schedule a free consultation. Get in touch here.

What if I only need a quick review of my essay? Do you do final polish edits?

Absolutely! Edits are billed out at a rate similar to a counseling session, but are prorated by the hour for the time it takes me to review your work. Whatever your request, I can usually make it work. Send me a note here.

My question is still unanswered. 

Let me know here.