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I’m a writer and content specialist based in Los Angeles.  I graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English Literature and a passion for writing. I specialize in storytelling — the story of a company, a brand, or even the story of an individual.

For years I’ve worked with companies to harness the power of writing and content, and now I work with students of all ages. Using my background in writing, I help students transform their college applications into academic profiles that make them compelling and irresistible candidates for admission.

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Credentials & Experience

• Tutoring Elites, Worldwide (2017 –– Current)

• Vault Prep, Santa Monica (2016-2017) –– Essay Specialist, ACT Instructor, ISEE Tutor

• Alden Learning, Santa Monica (2015-2016) –– Elementary Education Tutor

• StudyPoint, Los Angeles (2015) –– SAT Tutor

• DearMentor.Me, International (2015) –– Essay Specialist and Admissions Coach