College Admissions Mentoring

I am a Princeton grad, writer, and admissions mentor. I work with students to create competitive college applications.

College admissions is becoming more and more challenging with each passing year. The stakes for acceptance have never been higher, and the pressures are mounting for high school students.

As a College Admissions Mentor, I work closely with your student to ensure that each college application is competitive, completed on time, and submitted without stress. Previous students have been accepted to:

• Yale University
• Columbia University
• The University of Chicago
• Vanderbilt University
• McGill University
• The University of California – Berkeley
• Southern Methodist University
• Howard University
• The University of Wisconsin
• And Many More!

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Need advice? Check out my Prep Blog for tips on how to navigate the college admissions process.

Academic Tutoring

I enjoy working with students of all ages to enhance their academic performance through my program in academic tutoring. I enjoy having the opportunity to teach younger students the fundamentals of language and numbers, while sharpening familiar skills in older students. Over the years, my students have been transformed into better readers, writers, and thinkers. Find out more about my age-based programs.

Returning Education

Writing can be daunting, especially after having been away from school for a long time. My work with adults across several ages helps to restore confidence and lay the groundwork for continued academic success. Whether you’re facing a final research paper or a series of written projects, let me help you to start the process. Learn More.

Remote Learning

For students unable to travel or to meet in person, I offer remote learning options available through video chat. These sessions function in the same manner as one-on-one sessions and are equally effective. Through technology I’ve been able to connect with students all around the world to help them achieve their academic success goals. Learn More.


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I’m a writer and content specialist based in Los Angeles.  I graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English Literature and a passion for writing. I specialize in storytelling — the story of a company, a brand, or even the story of an individual.

For years I’ve worked with companies to harness the power of writing and content, and now I work with students of all ages. Using my background in writing, I help students transform their college applications into academic profiles that make them compelling and irresistible candidates for admission.

Download my information packet on College Admissions Mentoring

Credentials & Experience

• Learn with Mariel, Santa Monica (2017)

• Vault Prep, Santa Monica (2016-2017) –– Essay Specialist, ACT Instructor, ISEE Tutor

• Alden Learning, Santa Monica (2015-2016) –– Elementary Education Tutor

• StudyPoint, Los Angeles (2015) –– SAT Tutor

• DearMentor.Me, International (2015) –– Essay Specialist and Admissions Coach